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Our Prints: These are printed individually and with great care by us on the finest cotton rag paper. The prints are all signed and dated and come with a Certificate of Authenticity. If you are not entirely happy with the print please return it to us and we will refund you the full price, less shipping (see Warranty)

      Standard Edition Prices Prices include shipping to: United States

License for Prints

By purchasing our images you agree to these license terms.

We grant you the full right to use the purchased image for your own personal use. You may give or sell the image to a third party, but if you do then you are required to pass on the terms of this agreement with the image. You may not reproduce the image in any way, either for personal or for commercial use.

Print Details

General Information

Our prints, as are all of the images on this site, are from original photographs by us, Robert and Cathy Ardill. These feature scenes of the landscape, towns, villages and monuments of Ireland.


All dimensions quoted are in inches. Note that the image size (for example a 16x12 print or matted print) includes a border so that the actual image size will be about 4 inches smaller (or about 12x8 for a 16x12 print or matted print).

If you want a print without a border please specify 'Without Border' in your order.

Prints (not matted or framed)

The prints may be mounted directly in a frame, but we would strongly recommend that they should be matted (see 'Matted Prints' below).

If you require larger prints please contact us and we would be pleased to supply these. We can produce prints up to 60'x40'.

The image below shows a typical print with a white border, sized to fit in one of our standard frames (16x12, 20x16 or 28x20).

Sample print with no matt

Matted Prints

We use acid-free archival quality matting (this is required for medium-term color preservation and is absolutely essential for long-term color preservation). Our standard mat color is off-white with an inner mat color to match the picture. Note: a mat or mount is a board that surrounds the picture. It is sized to fit exactly into the frame (so that it is the same size as the glass).

Our pictures are double-matted (ready for insertion into a frame) and look like this:

Sample Matted Print

Framed Prints

We use a simple, modern box-frame, approximately 0.8 inches wide and 1.3inches deep. This is available in Black, White, Dark Brown or Wood colors. If you require special framing to suit your home or business, we would recommend that you purchase the prints (matted or not matted) and have them framed by a local professional.

This is an example of a framed and matted picture in a Brown box frame:

Sample Framed Print

Acrylic Mounts

We supply Acrylic-mounted images in 17x12, 22x17 and 30x22 sizes as standard. We can produce different sizes, going up to 40x30, on request.

Acrylic (Perspex, Plexiglass etc) is a hard, optically clear plastic. Unlike glass, which has a slight greenish tint, acrylic is completely transparent. We mount our images glued between a clear sheet of acrylic (6mm thick) and a sheet of black acrylic (5mm thick) as shown here:

We only use the highest quality cell-cast acrylic and the edges are diamond-polished.

The acrylic images are hung in the same way that a framed picture is hung (for example onto a hook on the wall). They stand about 3/4 inches off the wall as they are mounted onto studs.

The picture below shows the acrylic-mounted image photographed with a white wall behind it (lit from above). There is nothing to detract the eye from the picture so that it seems that you are in the scene or that you are looking through a window at the scene. It is a wonderfully brilliant and very modern look.


Colors do not display properly on normal PC monitors, so that the images in this portfolio will inevitably have the wrong hue or saturation or brightness when viewed on your monitor, unless you have had it color-calibrated: our prints on the other hand are individually printed with the greatest possible care and we are absolutely confident that you will be delighted with them. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with your print please return it to us in the original packaging and we will refund you 100% of the order price, less shipping costs, providing that it has not been damaged. All of our prints are guaranteed for life: we will replace them free of charge if there is any fading, providing that they have been kept under glass (but not in direct contact with the glass), out of direct sunlight and have not been exposed to excessive heat (for example over a radiator), or to unreasonably high humidity. You should never touch the prints as the acidic humidity from the hands will damage the prints over time. If you purchase the prints un-matted, you should specify to the framer that only acid-free matting should be used.

Right of Use

Please contact us if you wish to use any of our images in publications, presentations etc.